Friday, September 9, 2016

137 - New Portfolios


I always have the constant urge to update the blog but work and commitment has forbid me to do so. There will times that I will tell myself, "I need to blog about this" but I just could not find the time to write especially when I can only blog at the office. Though I am not sure whether I still have readers, but I don't care. I just need to write and express.

So, what's new?

I’ve been given a new portfolio at work so I am currently in the midst of adapting to the new job scopes and familiarizing with the procedure. It is totally different from I what used to. So it is going to be tough in the beginning. The paperwork is fine but I don’t like the idea of going in and out of the office.  Penat tau driving in KL.

At home, too, I have been given a new portfolio. A mother of three kids. Yes, THREE. Oklah four if you want to count my Husband as well. Hahaha. Can you believe it?

The third one is truly a surprise but we are so blessed, masya Allah.  Alhamdulillah, Allah has granted our prayer. Our third bundle of joy is a boy.

I will, insya Allah, tell more about our newest addition in another entry cause my baby boy deserves a post of his own.

But, enough for now. Need to go back to work. Break time is over.

Till then.

Friday, March 25, 2016

136 - Finally. An Update


Yes. It has been months since my last update. I have been busy. With never-ending workload and growing family, I have problem finding time to blog.

I miss blogging. I really do. It used to be my medium to vent and rant.

But, right now. I will try to find time. 

So, what's new?

Family. Inas has already started pre-school early this year. We did not plan to send her to pre-school as early as 3 years and 4 months but we had no choice. According to the year of birth, Inas is considered as 4 years old so the nursery can only accommodate up to 3 years old and when you are 4, off to pre-school which is practically next door. So yeah.

But at least, when we talked to the Manager of the school, she didn't highlight anything about exams or anything like that. She just mentioned about how they would teach the kids how to hold the pencil correctly, colouring, making shapes and the most important part, reciting the Al Quran.

Alhamdulillah, after our first meeting with Inas' teacher, she has been a wonderful student. Can improve in certain aspects but we are not presurring her at all because she's been doing so well if compared to us. When we were 4, we did not know how to recite after Azan's doa, Al Fatihah and zikirs. 

Jinan is now 1 year and 3 months. And she has been amazing daughter and little sister. She is truly someone with full of love. For a one year old, I think Jinan is compassionate and very understanding. She rarely acting up when the sister is throwing tantrum. I feel like she understands me.

May Allah bless that little soul.

I wish I could blog more but I am off for my lunch break.

I will be back, insyaAllah.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

135 - Number 2


Wow. Just wow *dusting off dirt, spiderwebs*

Hello everyone. 

Am not going to start this entry on how I've been busy with work or busy with my two kids. Yes, TWO. Can you believe that? I have two kids now.

I think I might as well share my labour story.

During my 37th weeks, on my way back from Kuantan, I felt pain at my tummy area. Since I have no experience in contraction pain before I thought this must be it. Just imagine, we just entered the highway. I was so close asking my husband to turn around. I rather tahan sakit kat rumah rather than sakit dalam perjalanan. But after 15 minutes of excruciating pain, it suddenly gone.

On Monday, I decided to take the day off as advised by fellow colleagues. On Tuesday, I went to work as usual. Later that evening, I went to see my Gynae. She said that I was already 1cm dilated but was not in labour yet. So she asked me whether do I want to take medical leave but I said "not yet" because I have not handover my work yet.

On Wednesday, I went to work like usual. Told my boss that I might need to went off early because I can give birth anytime soon. Of course she was not happy but what to do right.

On Thursday, I went to work slightly late because I felt a little bit of contraction. But as soon as I got to the office, my boss asked me to go back. So, I just handover everything to her. After lunch, I went home.

During my 38th weeks checkup, I was still not in labour stage yet. Jadi, balik rumah macam biasa.

On the night of 29th December, when I was getting ready for bed, I felt another contraction. I though it's going to be the usual contraction pain that I've been experiencing so I totally ignore it. Then, it was getting frequent and at one point, it was quite impossible for me to sleep. I ended watching tv the whole night, timing my contraction.

At 6am, there was a bloody show. Time to go the hospital. Woke my husband up and told him "It's time". After Subuh, we sent Inas to my aunt's place and off we went to the hospital. But decided to stop for breakfast first. Though the nasi lemak was nice but I could not enjoy my meal at all. 

Once at the hospital, the nurse checked and I was only 2cm dilated. Punya sakit tapi baru bukak 2cm. So we have to wait. At about 12pm, I was wheeled to the labour room. At that time, I was already 4cm dilated. Since they need to speed up the process, they broke my water bag.

We waited until 6pm. In between that, they keep on checking and I was still 4cm and no progress at all. At about 6.15, the doctor said we need to do csect as I cannot wait any longer. 

They prepared everything and by 7pm, I was brought in to the OT. 

At 7.25, my baby came out. She looked exactly like Inas. 

I am so blessed.

Now, my baby girl, Jinan Maisara is 5 months old. Such a healthy and happy baby.

Till then.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

134 - 36 and Counting


Since I am quite free (because my Manager is not around *wink*), I decided to post another entry.

Alhamdulillah, I am currently in my 36 weeks. Can't believe I have about 4 weeks to go before the due date. I have discussed with my Gynae that I wanted to try for VBAC and she has been very supportive. Let's hope for the best.

Two weeks back my blood pressure went up and I was a bit scared. Kalau BP tak turun-turun, I may have to do another surgery. But, everything is good and back to normal. It just that I have to monitor my BP everyday to make sure it won't escalate.

Here are some of the facts that I want to share with regards to my second pregnancy;

1) My morning sickness during the first trimester was really bad. I practically live in the toilet and while I was in there, I was hugging the toilet bowl. 

2) The morning sickness was so bad that I became dehydrated and was admitted to hospital for 2 nights. Even celebrated my third anniversary at the hospital.

3) I prefer to drink cold drinks and carbonated drinks once in a while because I was craving for it.

4) Until 36 weeks, I only gained 8kg as compared to previous pregnancy where I gained 15kg. I wish to lose 10 -15kg after I give birth. 

5) This pregnancy, kaki dan hidung tak mengembang..Weee!

Oklah. These are the only points that I can remember at the moment.

Till then.

#133 - Dubai (Day One)


We shall continue on our first day in Dubai. Started our day with breakfast at the hotel and like other kiasu Asian tourists, we were up and about in Dubai town as early as 8.30 (and that is actually considered very late) but damn that was the wrong decision.

We reached Dubai Marina Mall at about 8.45am but it was already scorching hot that we quickly tried to find some place with aircond. But of course, the mall opened at 10. Since, we can't do anything much except taking a few photos, we decided to go to Ibn Battuta Mall.

Ibn Battuta Mall is quite an old mall but it has very interesting and unique features. We took our time walking around. Had our lunch and did some shopping there. We walked and walked until we couldn't walk no more. My feet was killing me. I wanted to get a new pair of sandals but damn they were so expensive.

Then. we went to another mall which was Dubai Mall to see the main landmark over there, Burj Al Khalifa. We tried to figure the best place the catch a glimpse of the iconic building but it was so damn hot that we couldn't think. We went inside the mall, wandering around and ended up in Costa Cafe. 

The initial reason why we were there was to get free wifi (hahaha) but luck was on our side. It was indeed the best spot to take photos of the Burj al Khalifa.

After we were done with the touristy stuff, we took taxi and went back to hotel. At this point, my back hurt so much. I forgot that I was 5 months pregnant at that time.

We had Pakistani dish for dinner at the comfort of our hotel room. Time to rest.

Till then.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

132 - Dubai (Arrival)


It has been almost month and a half after we got back from our annual holiday trip. Like I have mentioned earlier, we went to Dubai and Abu Dhabi and were there for a week.

Our initial plan was to go somewhere else but after some calculations, we decided not to proceed. Everything went back to normal until one day, En. Suami dropped the idea of going to Dubai.

Truthfully, I wasn't quite keen to go because the first image that came to my mind was a desert. I don't know. When he was ecstatically selling the idea to me, I didn't feel excited at all. Padang pasir je kot. Nak excited macam mana uolls. Hahaha.

Obviously I googled about Dubai. When I saw the pictures of Burj Al Arab and Burj Al Khalifa, then only it hit my mind. I was like, "bodohlah kau nie". Masa tu baru rasa nak excited.

We got quite a good rate for the flight tickets and even good rates for hotels. 

As usual, I started to list down all the places that I wanted to go but didn't get to properly organized the itinerary because I was swarmed with work. 

For some reason, I decided to go with the flow rather than cracking my head arranging the itinerary.

Inas behaved well during our flight to Dubai. She slept half of the journey, watched Finding Nemo and tried to hold a conversation with other uninterested passengers. Hahaha. But all in all everything was okay.

We arrived in Dubai about 6ish in the evening. It was quite a long walk to the immigration counter. All the Pak Arabs looked so damn intimidating but the process was quite smooth for us.

We decided to take a taxi to our hotel. Though we have the option to go to our hotel by taking the Metro (their version of LRT) but with 2 luggage and stroller, we decided not to. Buat penat je.

No, that was not the total fare but the meter starts at AED25 (equivalent to RM25. More or less). Nak nangis uols, bayar taxi fare.

Upon checking in at the hotel, we thought of going out again to find something to eat. But this pregnant lady and the cranky toddler decided, it was best to stay at the hotel and made do with whatever we have. So tired already.

We called it a night and ready for some middle eastern adventure the next day.

Till then.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

#131 - So Long Malaysia, Hello UAE


The wanderlust in us decided to bring us to Dubai and Abu Dhabi this year. Alhamdulillah. I am grateful to Allah for giving us the opportunity to travel and see the world.

Insya Allah, we will be off for a week. Doakan kami selamat pergi dan balik.

Panjang umur kita jumpa lagi.